NASA Photo of ‘Man’ on Mars Confirms Scientific Phenomenon

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A photo reportedly released by NASA shows what looks like the shadow of a man or workman leaning over and touching the Curiosity rover. Conspiracy theorists are freaking out over the picture, which at first glance clearly appears to show a man who is not wearing a helmet performing work on the rover. An air pack is strapped to his back and he is wearing a uniform similar to a space suit. Does this photo confirm that there is life on Mars? Most likely not, but it does confirm a scientific phenomenon known as pareidolia.

Pareidolia is the formal name given to how the brain assimilates random data and assigns meaning to chaos. What people are seeing is probably a part of Curiosity’s structure casting a shadow, as the Huffington Post UK illustrates. In this case, the shadow happens to look much like a person.

This particular instance of pareidolia is a bit unfortunate, because now there are thousands of UFO watchers and NASA conspiracy theorists who are completely convinced that there is a man walking around on the red planet when in fact their brains are just performing a needed function. In this case, that function is playing a trick on the viewer that is resulting in real confusion.

Pareidolia is hardwired into our brains. It is the reason why infants can recognizes faces almost as soon as they open their eyes. It is the reason why clouds often appear as definite shapes and why some people have become wealthy on Ebay, selling items in which “Jesus” has appeared. The Virgin Mary embedded in a tree is an example of pareidolia. It is also this scientific phenomenon at work when people perceive that they have seen ghosts.

The recent NASA photo is excellent fodder for tabloids, and it sparks a lot of chatter among conspiracy theorists. However, the picture only shows the rover itself or some other naturally occurring structure on the planet. While there is no man on Mars, at least not at this time, the image does confirm the scientific and well-known phenomenon of pareidolia. If you think you definitely see a person when you look at the picture, congratulations; you can rest easy with the knowledge that your brain is working correctly.

Without pareidolia, humans would have never come this far. In fact, this function of the brain is part of what allowed humans to evolve. Now, we are at the point where we might really be sending a man to Mars in the semi-near future, at least if Elon Musk has his way. Then, we will have plenty of real photos of people on Mars, not just fleeting shadows.