Christians Spread the Word of God Through Swinging

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For many Christians, an important component of their faith is sexual purity. Some Christians take vows of chastity in which they swear they will remain “pure” until marriage. Some Christians, though, take a very different view of the Bible. For swinging Christians Cristy and Dean Parave of Naples, FL, swapping sex partners is a perfect way to spread the word of God. As reported by the New York Post, the Paraves firmly believe that their calling–the very reason they were put on this earth–is to spread the word of the Lord through sex; oh, and also bodybuilding.

The two run a fitness/swinging website called Fitness Swingers which seeks to unite people who love to go to the gym and swap spouses. Once they meet up with other couples, they have the opportunity to “help” them by talking to them about the Bible. They gain converts and have swapping parties all at the same time. Cristy Parave says there is nothing objectionable about the couple’s lifestyle as “the Bible doesn’t talk about swinging.” Cristy says she feels that “this is God’s plan” for her life.

The Paraves say that one of the best things about their lifestyle is that they can reach people who would have once never considered going to church. Dean feels that he has a better chance of converting people to Christianity by spreading the word of God through swinging than if he were, for example, “a priest going into a sex club.” He says that the best way to talk to sinners is “to join them!” He sets goals for himself at each swinging event. “If I can go to the next swinging event and get ten people to believe in Christ,” he says, “my job is done.”

Dean says that he found religion after a long struggle with drugs and alcohol. He credits God with turning his life around and transforming him into the super fit, swinging guy he is today. He said his life used to be “a living hell,” but that has all changed now, he claims, thanks to the Lord.

It is not just during his swing parties, he says, that he tries to convert people to Christianity. Every single time he goes to the gym, he preaches to people about God. He and Cristy love working out together and spreading the word of God everywhere they go.

They did not always live this lifestyle, though. Cristy says she was at a Home Depot one day when a couple approached her and asked her if she swung. When the question was first posed, she says, she thought the couple was talking about swing dancing, which Cristy loves to do. However, when the couple explained their true intentions, Cristy says she found it exciting. Before long, she and Dean were deeply immersed in the swinging lifestyle. Dean says his very first experience with swinging was when Cristy and her friend hopped into the shower with him after a workout. He was not sure what was going on, he says, but it obviously worked out to his advantage.

Now, the Paraves glow with pride when they talk about spreading the word of God through swinging. These are two devout Christians who certainly seem to be enjoying life with a smile!

Last modified: September 26th, 2014 by Dave Schwartz