Potato Salad Kickstarter Campaign Raises 70,000 Dollars

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A potato salad campaign on Kickstarter that started out asking for just $10 has now raised over $70,000.Yes, you heard right—the campaign began to allow Zack Danger Brown of Columbus Ohio to make a bowl of potato salad. Like spiral-cut potatoes, though, the campaign spiraled a little bit out of control, and now Brown owes potato salad to nearly 5,000 people and counting. He has got a lot of dollars at his disposal and is now faced with figuring out what to do with the surplus.

What’s more, the campaign has a whopping 23 days left. By the time it ends, Brown may be facing a big problem—how to ship the potato salad to everyone who pledged money. He reportedly has plans to rent out a large hall in which to make the mass amounts of potato salad and says he intends to ship his creation to all who are owed a bite of starchy goodness. “The entire internet,” he says, will be invited to the giant potato salad party.

The potato salad Kickstarter campaign has now raised over $70,000 and that number is climbing by the second. Brown’s efforts have spawned not only many dollars, but also mass online discussions about who makes the best potato salad and which state has the best style of recipe.

The campaign has also raised some controversy on the grounds that it is “stupid” and “a joke” that has no influence on society, according to some commentators. Brown, who owns a software company, says that he wants to give some of the money to charities that support an end to hunger and homelessness, but he is definitely going to make tons and tons of potato salad first. Kickstarter’s terms of service specifically stipulate that funds may not be used for charities, which may complicate Brown’s plans. Some are wondering if Kickstarter might be willing to make an exception in Brown’s case or if he will have to work out a way to allocate all of those extra dollars on his own.

Brown says the campaign began as a joke when he and a group of friends were discussing one friend’s bathroom, which is larger than an average bathroom. Someone said that they could possibly have a party in the bathroom and that they should fill the bathtub with potato salad, so Brown went on Kickstarter, created the campaign, and sent it to his friends, asking for $10 with which to purchase potato salad making supplies. The friends began sharing the link, and it quickly went viral, with additional funds being raised at a rapid pace. Brown says that he also kept up with the campaign just because of “the silliness of life.” He began to expand the terms of the donations, promising better mayonnaise and potato salad themed hats to those who donated more money.

Brown says that at this point, he feels that the participation in the campaign has ceased being about potato salad for most people, and has become more about the participants being part of a special club. Brown’s potato salad Kickstarter campaign has already raised over $70,000 dollars. How far will the campaign go in the next 23 days and how much money can Brown raise all told? Stay tuned to find out.

Last modified: July 9th, 2014 by Viral Global News Reader