‘The Purge’ Real Life Threats in America Monitored by Law Enforcement on National Network

Law enforcement officials are becoming increasingly frustrated by The Purge threats making its way around the nation, and even in some parts of Canada. Just two days ago a Spokane threat was shared through social media, promising groups to gather and loot stores. That threat expired, and nothing out of the ordinary was reported. Now, Oklahoma is facing a threat with over a dozen other locations set for August 31. To offset the concern of citizens, law enforcement agencies have collaborated to use a national intelligence network to monitor, and track down the source of the threats.

Some Oklahoma residents shared they are hearing rumors The Purge threat may be moved to another date to elude police. That may be harder to do than expected.

Law enforcement officials are using the network to monitor and review social media accounts, which encompass Facebook and Twitter. For those who may be unaware, passing a threat of violence over the web can be classified as an act of “cyber-terrorism.” What may start as a joke to an ignorant person can turn them into a national threat, resulting in intense consequences.

Residents from Ohio, Oklahoma, California, Florida, Colorado, Texas and a dozen other states and numerous cities are reporting The Purge real life threat fliers are being seen. One resident shared with the school shootings witnessed within the past decade, “all it takes is just one person taking this seriously to hurt a lot of people.”

Police urge residents to remain cautious, and to report any behavior – including credible threats seen on social media. Many teens have taken to Twitter to post images of holding firearms, and adding a hashtag of The Purge. These images will also come under scrutiny from law enforcement officials.

Real life 'The Purge' fliers

Since the original Louisville purge threat, reports of suicide attempts and panic attacks have increased, as concerned teens and residents fear the worst. As of this date, the threats of The Purge has resulted in no deaths, or actions directly related to the fliers.

The 16-year-old Iroquois High School student who originated the Louisville purge flier, is currently not being charged with a crime. The teen has not been identified by name, but stated it was intended as a joke that was picked up and shared in ways he never expected. The student shared he has been kicked off the football team. Police stated while the flier was made, no credible threats were made by the teen.

As the last and holiday weekend approaches, law enforcement officials in cities across the nation will be stepping up cruisers and officers on the road. For others, the situation of the threats are ridiculous and some college students are planning “purge parties” to enjoy an evening of friends and maybe even costumes, to show they have no fear over the fliers.

Law enforcement officials warn those threatening violence or creating fliers to instigate violence can face repercussions that will not be excused as a “joke.”

Article last modified: November 16th, 2014 by Angelina Bouc

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  1. maybe stereotyping, but its 98curate at |

    Yes they are being stereotypical, but it’s pretty obvious that the majority of “ghetto” people aka “ghetto black” people talk that way 110% besides the actual “white” people who want to be black. Not being prejudiced, one of my sister’s and a couple good friends (one Mexican/white the others white and a black one) all talk like that and spell worse. I also have black friends who are like my family who talk more educated then some white people!! So point being most likely she is a ghetto girl….

  2. Kailey at |

    Um I live in Colorado and it’s 9-7-14 and I’m still alive, it’s not real and I can’t believe some people thought it was XD

  3. Kailey at |

    Um I live in Colorado and I’m still alive XD wow I can’t believe u thought this was real

  4. Sarriya at |

    I really do think that this real life purge s**t is real the only thing I’m going to do is keep my brother,sister,mother,stepdad,and all my other family safe if I have to pick up a gun i will it better not happen fr this is bull

  5. Allison at |

    The purge is a misunderstanding that mental and stupid people do. Te purge is never going to happen if it does fight for your life. I am currently with my boyfriend at his house, honestly the purge is bull. People seek attention and this is one of them. Also, black people are not retarted I am mixed with black and white but I am not ashamed but this isn’t entirely obamas fault, some of it is but some of it is by idiotic people. But I must say if crime was legal for 12 hours I would probably just kill to protect myself and my boyfriend. I am kinda offended some people blame black people for this not every person apart of the purge is black there are also other races. So people if you are racist then I hope you realize if it ever came down to your life on the line and a African American person was nearby willing to save you. I would shut the hell up and let him or her safe you because if you killed that African American for saving your life then you better pray to god I don’t hurt you.

    Let the purge begin.

  6. Leon at |

    For those who think this rumor is bulls**t, it is not!! There will be a purge. This will only occur because of the insane criminals out there in the first place, this date just gives them all an excuse to go out and do what they want, do not take these threats and dates as a joke!! Eventually the purge will become a true national event, all because of a film. Enjoy your last days and stay safe.

    1. Chris at |

      You’re an idiot for thinking that will become a real national event… You have some issues if you believe it jack a**

    2. Bob at |

      Get a life you scrub, or better yet come visit my home and I’ll Purge you off this planet =)

    3. tracey at |

      its not a purge unless the gov. supports it, in which the gov. NEVER will..

  7. Greenbeanokc at |

    Even if it was made to be a joke people are still dumb/crazy enough to try. U hear about murder and rape ect…

  8. Andi at |

    To be honest I’m scared. I’m 13. And if this crap is true.. I’ll do anything to protect Me and my mom. So if I half to use a gun. I will.

  9. prince t at |

    fk all that bull skit

  10. ashleyy at |


  11. javi at |

    Hold up guys I’m almost done deciphering what alexis is trying to say.

    1. ashleyy at |

      They shouldn’t be making these movies in the first place

  12. Nana24 at |

    These people at my school said it was going to happen this weekend…. I’m going to my cousins house. .. if I die, at least I’ll be with my favorite person in the world ;-;

  13. Mrs Hansom at |

    Lol. It is all a bunch of bull. Some people are just ignorant on top of having no lives, they become social media rejects to society. Inhumane dum dums who decided to mock a movie…lame. lol the movies made by the same people who made paranormal activity, I do not see any one flipping s**t over in the house or around town saying there is a haunting going on. Get real since you guys who started this mess over the internet scaring countless of innocent people need to stop it

  14. Mz.Cruz♥ at |

    This is so sad, never mind scary! There are children out there! There have been several movie’s before & they mimick this 1 !!! Dear God! Great job America! Well, in God I trust, and I will do what I have to do to keep my loved one’s safe! Hope this bs can stop soon! Stay safe & Blessed & lead by example ♥

  15. tainted skin at |

    Let the games begin chiraq

  16. jenny at |

    the purge is a fking movie people are so freaking stupid as fk like its a movie get over it like it aint real what the fk do u think like sh*t people are so ignorant and stupid

  17. trasghawna at |

    i love you the purge

  18. Mother of a scared teen at |

    We live in Florence kentucky and apparently my teenage daughter won’t go to her school dance because she has seen some purge related threats that are supposed to happen this weekend. We are a decent sized city but nothing like louisville. How can I prove to her she will be safe.

  19. David j at |

    People who have never taken a life or been in that situation do not know how it feels to kill. It is not a pleasant thing nor does it give satisfaction. The bible does say there is a time and a season for all things even to kill ; Ecclesiastes ; but not for a purpose such as a purge. What ever happend to love ur neighbor. As yourself. This is what god wants for us.

  20. Mrs.gilreath at |

    Look I am currently carrying my first child and am getting married in a few months I really hope all this purge s**t is a joke because I don’t wanna end up doing something I regret trying to protect me and my unborn son or daughter

    1. RS at |

      No worries, it’s all a joke made in poor taste by someone dumb enough to do so. If it ever came down to you defending yourself and your child, toughen up – you shouldn’t regret it if someone was insane enough to try to harm you and yours in the first place.

  21. alexis williams at |

    Man this crazy this is real killing everybody they about to make this world end quick they need to stop copy stuff off the movie crazy bs wat the people did to yall nothing need to stop killing people like reall I wish they would come to me kill me I stomp the yard on them in not scared or no purge wtf who coke up with that like I said in not scared of no purge this is my house and they not finna detroy it or they go come up with some money

    1. black at |

      Please get off of the internet and go to school. You are making black people look… Or is that what was meant…

      1. Alexx at |

        So you’re assuming she’s black or making fun about black people? That says a bit more about you than you realize. Stereotype much?

        1. jesse at |

          Id bet your white. If im right is it still a stereotype? Ohh, I almost forgot, im in jax, fl and I pray for those that are stupid enough to purge on my block.

    2. not black at |

      wow, ever hear of a comma or period

    3. Caleb at |

      Was that Shakespeare? ^^^^^


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