Sam Kane Beef Processors Recall Ground Beef Contaminated With Metal Fragments

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The Texas beef meat manufacturer, Sam Kane Beef Processors, is issuing a second recall in the same week. An estimated 91,000 pounds of ground beef is being recalled following consumer reports of metal fragments found in the packaging. The recall is specific to Texas grocers and retailers only. The U.S. Department of Agriculture received four varying reports regarding metal fragments from consumers. One customer stated while eating the ground beef, a metal piece chipped their tooth. The ground beef is sold under the label of HEB, and the following recall affects the purchases listed below.

  1. Establishment number 337. Production Date 9/12/2014. Use by Date 10/2/2014. Three pound packages.
  2. Establishment number 337. Production Date 9/15/2014. Use by Date 10/5/2014. Five pound packages marked as 73%  Lean and 27% Fat.
  3. Establishment number 337. Production Date 9/18/2014. Use by Date 10/8/2014. 10 pound packages marked as 73% Lean and 27% Fat.
  4. Establishment number 337. Production Date 9/9/2014. Use by Date 9/29/2014. 10 pound clear-film formed patties packaged, marked as Ground Chuck. 

The USDA states while they do not have an accurate count on the infected packages of the ground beef, the health risks stemming from the metal contamination is low. The company’s general manager Alfred Bausch told WTVR the recall is not based on a “food safety issue,” but over the “foreign object,” which was “very small.”

Sam Kane Beef was created in 1949, there was a recent acquisition of the company from cattlemen in 2013. Prior to the recent recalls, the company has maintained a clean record of products.

The earlier recall which took place on Sept. 30 recalled more than 2,600 pounds of ground beef, following reports of plastic found in the meat.  The company is looking to reassure consumers the chances of sickness is extremely low.

For consumers who have questions on the recalls and may be unsure where to turn, the company is asking the public to reach out to Senior Vice President, Herb Meischen, who oversees Sales and Marketing. He can be reached at extension 250 by calling (361) 241.5000

Last modified: October 5th, 2014 by Frank Bouc