The Water Project Defies the Ice Bucket Challenge Raising Funds for Clean Water

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The Water Project, a non-profit organization has witnessed the trend of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. While they acknowledge the factor of a creative way to raise funds, a more concerning aspect is considered. The agency works closely with communities in sub-Saharan Africa where locals and their families suffer from the lack of clean water and more importantly,  proper sanitation. In addition, severe droughts have hit parts of California where residents are joining in the Ice Bucket challenge bringing more concern to the waste of water.

Jason Ruiz who writes for the Long Beach Post estimated 6 million gallons of fresh water has been dumped since the start of the Ice Bucket Challenge.

For The Water Project they work within communities where children walk several miles to acquire questionable quality water. Has America lost sight of what they cannot see in hopes to fulfill a trend? While the Ice Bucket Challenge has raised significant funds – the trend demands it. For many, that is not enough when it comes to considering the human factor of global counterparts and their dehydration levels.

The Water Project’s website is reaching out to everyday citizens to donate. For $23 dollars, one person sees fresh, clean water. The project does not demand any minimum, they are reaching out to bring awareness to a much deeper issue.

For they report astounding statistics when it comes to the detriment of clean water. Across the globe 3.4 million people die from a water related disease. And, more than 700 million people lack access to the one source many in the West take advantage of. To bring the statistic to a crashing reality, shares:


So, what can be done? How about a new challenge?

Instead of dumping gallons of fresh water over the heads of millions of participants, offer a new challenge. Either donate to the ALS or turn around and donate to The Water Project and other initiatives for fresh water to developing countries.