Fox Embroiled in Yet Another ‘Cosmos’ Controversy

Fox has become embroiled in yet another controversy surrounding the show Cosmos, hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson. This go-round, comets are the objects in dispute. As can be expected, the complainers are, of course, young Earth creationists. Cosmos, a remake of the original Carl Sagan series, has come under fire from fundamentalist Christians since the show began a few weeks ago. On last week’s episode, deGrasse Tyson delved into the particulars about comets, including their age, but it wasn’t just how old comets are that has creationists upset; it’s the fact that science has demystified comets entirely.

Last Sunday night, Tyson explained that the Oort cloud, a far-away area of icy figures beyond Pluto that orbits the sun, produces comets. When an icy object ventures off the beaten path, it gets warmer and emits a trail. This is what people on Earth perceive as a comet.

Before the advent of modern science, comets were thought to be harbingers of doom by early civilizations. Perhaps creationists would be happy to go on believing that; because they are completely up in arms over deGrasse Tyson’s discussion about comets, including his explanation about the work of Edmond Halley, the famous astronomer. Halley is the father of the well-known “Halley’s comet,” which returns to Earth every 75 years.

It’s not just talk of comets and scientists, though, making creationists upset. Fox has become embroiled in yet another controversy by making young Earth creationists angry over the mere mention of science as fact. They believe the earth is just 6,000 years old and the existence of comets calls their beliefs into question. They’d most likely prefer to think of the Oort cloud as not existing in the first place.

Of course, the fact that comets from the Oort cloud are 4.6 billion years old and are called “long-period” comets does nothing to quell the wrath of the young Earth creationists, far from it. After all, how can comets be 4.6 billion years old when the Earth is only 6,000 years old?

Fox has gotten itself embroiled in yet another controversy over the show Cosmos. What will the young Earth creationists get upset about next week? Stay tuned to Viral Global News to find out.

Dave Schwartz

Dave is the authority of viral, human interest stories. With over a decade of experience in journalistic social analysis, Dave works with several sources on delivering news that intrigues and matters.