St. Louis Police Shoot and Kill Unarmed 18 Year Old Michael Brown Community Demands Answers (Update)

[Update- Press Conference]: St. Louis County PD held a press conference to create more questions. Chief Belmar stated Michael Brown was walking with a friend of his in the middle of the street. An officer came upon the pair and Brown reportedly pushed the officer back in the car. Police state Brown entered the vehicle to struggle with the officer over his service weapon. During the altercation, a shot echoed in the car. Police stated Brown exited the vehicle with the officer and shots were fired at Brown, “just a couple more times, but not much more.” Local channel KMOV reported the press conference.

The information from the press conference only left more confusion in a case that is riddled with lots of questions, and very few answers. A full investigation is underway.

[Original]: The continued rising tensions between police officers and citizens hit a dire peak in St. Louis Saturday afternoon. In the city of Ferguson, Michael Brown, 18 was walking to his grandmother’s house. Then he was dead, shot by police officers as witnesses state police chased and shot Brown repeatedly. Not much is known at this time why police stopped Brown to begin with. A witness reports she was waiting for a ride when she saw Brown near a police vehicle. He was not cuffed, but reportedly had his hands up in the air. The witness has turned over cell phone footage to investigators.

Brown’s grandmother Desiree Harris stated she was driving when she saw her grandson running towards her home. When she got home, she awaited the arrival of her grandson, but he never showed up. Then she heard the commotion outside of her home.

Less than two blocks from her home, her grandson was “lying on the pavement.” Harris stated when she demanded answers from police officers, “they didn’t tell me nothing.” Now a community, enraged over police actions are uprising and demanding more than a response, they want action and change immediately. In the rising environment of the public versus the police, the black community has endured the loss and pain of shocking deaths. The most recent event stemmed from New York, where Eric Garner, an unarmed man, died after an NYPD officer illegally placed him in a chokehold. Garner had a heart attack and died. His death was ruled a homicide.

St. Louis residents are enraged with police actions as of late, and want something done. Hundreds of residents arrived at the scene where Brown died. They demanded answers, scolding police officers as they warily stood by. Police dispatched a SWAT vehicle to the neighborhood as emotions increased.

Brown’s father and mother are devastated. They appeared on the scene where Brown’s father, Louis Head, stated the police had “just executed” his son.

A candlelight vigil was held during the evening hours as citizens gathered to support a family and mourn the death of a young man who was slated to start college on Monday. The St. Louis County NAACP chapter is asking for the assistance of the FBI to launch a full, unbiased investigation into the shooting.

Citizens will appear on Monday morning at the Ferguson police station for a rally. People across the nation took to Twitter to share their thoughts.