Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Update – Search to be Suspended

In the early morning  hours on March 8, 2014, 239 lives prepared for a flight that would end in mystery.  Flight MH370 left the Kuala Lumpur airport with a destination of Beijing. Approximately an hour later, the radar transponder is turned off, and no further transmissions are reported.

28 months later the sudden disappearance of flight MH370 continues to haunt the lives of the families of the passengers and crew.

For the first year the search remained relevant in the media; track and seek, just to find a dead end.

Questions started mounting as grieving relatives lashed out on government officials, calling for an internal investigation.  Relatives and loved ones pointed to holes in communications, prompting conspiracy theories to be born.

There has been so many twists and turns in the search of MH370, the media eventually turned off their cameras. The world resumed with their lives, but the families remain committed to questioning what really happened that fateful day.

The investigation continues to focus on one of the most remote places on the planet; the Indian Ocean.


With a span of 28.4 million square miles and depths of up to 26,000 feet, nautical professionals and several countries joined in a race to discover the main wreck site of flight MH370.

It still has not happened.

Pilot Speculation

Information is surfacing that perhaps well-respected pilot, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, was behind the disappearance of the airliner.

Reports indicate a plane simulation depicting a plane flying towards the Indian Ocean was located on his hard-drive. Ahamd Shah’s family remains insistent the Captain would never purposely take his life or those of his passengers and crew members.

As speculation roars and different storylines emerge, the three lead countries on the search, China, Australia and Malaysia, have released a statement this past Friday. The representative advised if no MH370 debris is located in the new search of the Indian Ocean, the search will be suspended.

Cost of Search

It is considered one of the largest and most expensive searches in nautical history.

Over $100 million and more than 46,000 square miles have been searched, with sophisticated equipment,  to no avail.

Malaysia’s Transport Minister, Liow Tiong Lai, said in a press conference, “should credible new information emerge which can be used to identify the specific location of the aircraft, consideration will be given in determining next steps.”

Reportedly, pieces of the wreck have washed up on African beaches, but it still leaves an open theory to the site of the main crash. If the crash did happen in the Indian Ocean.

Tiong Lai believes the main wreck of MH370 resides somewhere in the Indian Ocean, but his acknowledgment gives little comfort to family members, many who have varying theories on the disappearance of the Boeing.

Microsoft PC Gaming Strategy – Will It Ever Improve?

Microsoft has a long and storied history with PC gaming. During the ’90s, the tech giant churned out a vast array of genre-defining games. From the RTS classic Age of Empires to Motocross Madness, Microsoft demonstrated a serious commitment to PC gaming.

However, as the old adage goes, all good things must come to an end. Microsoft’s fall from grace started around the time the Xbox console was ushered in, and the company’s PC-centric outlook slowly receded. Over the ensuing years, the publishing monolith made a series of damaging mistakes, compromising its dominance over PC gaming.

Turning games into OS exclusives; keeping popular franchises from the mitts PC gamers; the inauguration of the broken, DRM-addled mess that was Games for Windows Live (GFWL); the breakdown of studios geared towards PC gaming; and an all-consuming focus on its Xbox consoles; these were just some of Microsoft’s many sins.

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Flint Water Crisis Continues Amid Massive Legal Costs

Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder, is being pushed further into the glaring spotlight as the Flint water crisis continues. Attorney General of the state, Bill Schuette, is exasperated by the roadblocks he and his team of investigators are facing. Earlier this week at a roundtable, Schuette said the attorneys with the “Department of Attorney General are handling themselves in an exceedingly exceptional fashion,” but, continued the frustrated Schuette, “it’s the governor’s private attorneys who were not providing sufficient information.”

Snyder denies the allegations, stating he and his legal team are “working hard to cooperate fully.” The governor claims they have passed over “hundreds of thousands” of documents to Schuette and his appointed special prosecutor, Todd Flood.

During the cat and mouse game for documents, Michigan residents are watching the rising costs of legal fees. Snyder’s private attorneys are set to receive more than a million dollars from taxpayer coffers.

Schuette states Snyder’s attorneys are delaying the progress of the investigating, and in doing so, raising additional costs in the process. The attorney general said “you’re not going to do justice on the cheap,” promising more charges will be coming for those responsible.

Just this past Tuesday, the Administrative Board Finance and Claims Committee approved yet more funds towards the investigation, bringing the total contract amount to $4.9 million. That’s nearly triple the amount of the original, approved, contract amount.

In the meantime, Flint residents, doctors and business owners are growing increasingly impatient as they wait for news on updated infrastructure.

The city’s water system is aged, and suffers from a lack of updates for many years – the issue was further aggravated when the city switched water sources back in 2014 to save money. The new water resource, Flint River, has historically been known to have degraded quality including particles of fecal matter, reduced dissolved oxygen, and toxic substances. The savings would never be seen as officials failed to properly treat the water with an anti-corrosive agent and more importantly failed to update the pipes, service lines and coating.

Flint residents already face high poverty levels, and the contaminated water source continues to burden the small town.

Several government employees have already been charged with criminal acts. Schuette has filed civil lawsuits against Veolia North America and Lockwood, Andrews & Newman for negligence and public nuisance.  Both companies have swiftly denied any connections to the water crisis in their released statements.

In the meantime as officials battle, and legal costs mount – hundreds of residents and families are forced to wait for a final resolution to prevent future contamination outbreaks.




‘Alf’ Star Found Unresponsive, in Coma

Mihaly (Michu) Meszaros may be just 33-inches tall, but he made a big splash in Hollywood. The Hungarian-born actor paved a path to stardom when he was selected to join the 80s classic series, “Alf.” While the show did use a puppet, Michu would place on the Alf costume and perform any running, standing or walking shots as needed for the role. In the late 80s, Michu participated with Michael Jackson in two popular Pepsi commercials, and even had a cameo in Big Top Pee-wee.

According to reports, Michu’s manager, Dennis Varga, went to the actor’s home last week. There he discovered the 76-year-old actor unresponsive on the bathroom floor. Vargas immediately contacted emergency services. Varga reports the actor was transported to the hospital and is currently in a coma.

Several years ago Michu suffered a stroke, and since that time continually battled health issues, Varga said.

Michu appeared in various films and shows such as “Waxworks,” “Dear John,” and “Freaked.”

Santa Monica Police Arrest Man with Weapons Headed to L.A. Pride Festival

The nation grieves with Orlando, Florida following a tragic mass shooting that took the lives of 50 people at the Pulse dance club. The gunman, identified as Omar Mateen, 29, reportedly called 911 prior to the attack and pledged his allegiance to ISIS. The Pulse shooting has sent a shiver through the nation as it becomes the deadliest shooting spree in the history of the country.

As news of the shooting stunned people waking up Sunday, Santa Monica police were arresting a man who had a car full of ammunition, pipe bomb ingredients and several weapons. The car had an Indiana plate, and when questioned by police, the unidentified man said he was in town for the L.A. Pride Festival in West Hollywood.

Sunday morning around 5 a.m., police were dispatched to Olympic Blvd. after a concerned citizen spotted a man knocking on doors in the area.

When police scoured the scene, they found the man who claimed to be waiting for a friend.

The police located the man’s vehicle which included a great deal of ammunition, weapons and tannerite – an ingredient for the creation of pipe bombs.

Police placed the man under arrest. Saul Rodriguez, spokesman for the Santa Monica Police, confirmed the arrest, and weapons discovery but said police were questioning the “suspect’s intentions.” Police have sworn to beef up security for the parade which was nearly called off following the Orlando shooting.

For now, police are not making a connection to the Orlando shooting and the Santa Monica arrest. They believe the arrest did foil an unknown plan for the suspect and will continue the investigation.

Federal Reserve Report Highlights Continuing Financial Struggle for Millions

Nearly eight years following the housing crash, 31 percent of American adults are still feeling the struggle. The Federal Reserve released their annual Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2015. In even greater numbers, 46 percent of Americans have under $400 in their savings account, alluding to a near severe financial drought for emergency usage.

Even for the 19 percent of families earning more than $100,000 annually have issues paying bills timely. The millions of individuals working multiple jobs also face a continued delay in paying their monthly bills.

Visiting a local shopping center in Cleveland, Viral Global News stopped several families to discuss the Federal Reserve report, including inquiring of their response to it.

A recent graduate was shown the section of the report which shows more than 50 percent of adults under the age of 30 years-old have college related debt and have a high chance of default. The graduate, Tracy Lane from Cleveland, had plenty to share,


“I have two kids, and an unemployed husband. So, I decided to go back to school and finish remaining credits to receive my Bachelor’s. Now, I’m $45,000 in debt and suffering from decent work exposure. I work at a retail store on the weekends and work at a daycare during the week. My Bachelor’s was in Criminal Justice.”

Lane said her husband’s unemployment ran out and they are struggling while facing house repairs. She fears foreclosure may be looming.

Viral Global News traveled west from Cleveland to a more affluent city. Talking to a family at Crocker Park revealed similar issues. Dan Myles from Westlake shook his head when we showed him the report regarding purchasing new vehicles.

“Yes, on paper my income looks good,” Myles stated before waving over to his family, “until you compute the bills. My wife works about forty minutes away, two of our children are in after school care which eats up her income. Our oldest daughter, she’s 18, needs a car to travel to work. That’s $950 monthly in car payments, not including insurance, daycare costs, food, utilities, housing and more. We’re drowning, and painted into bad guys because our paychecks show a gross income amount that does not exist.”

Myles said he had not received a raise at work since 2006, and feared he would go longer without one. The family’s home is currently on the market because it has “become too damn expensive to upkeep.”

There was a young couple who shared they were doing well, but cut out additional expenses. They owned no television, shared a desktop computer, and both worked full-time jobs with no children. When asked about possibly expanding their family, they stated they could not afford children right now.

The report brings few bright spots, but for millions of Americans the struggle continues. With education debt blossoming is America just a heartbeat away from another “crash” happening?

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